Welcome To Mentor Freight

Our company’s inception happened within the pandemic as we believe in the concept of “Every great challenge carries in itself a great opportunity for growth” so, keeping in mind the same vision – We realized that during the recent pandemic, unfortunately, a lot of talented, skillful, experienced, learned and successful people lost their jobs globally. If they didn’t lose then they faced salary cuts or their well deserved increments were held back.

The pandemic affected each industry and each individual globally. And that’s what gave more power to our vision of providing the world class services to the trade and even opportunities to those who faced this struggle and lost their only means of earning.So our vision was to make sure that the talent and experience of many people should be valued.

We come with 25+ years of experience with the motto and vision of giving it back to the trade as a service, with all due respect to all our mentors and seniors who guided us and taught us the tricks of the trade. . All the experience, knowledge and the network we have – we want to give people all the opportunity at a world class level.Our very first employment was also of the person who was laid off during the pandemic.

Why Choose Us? Here’s Why

Innovatory Services

For more than established in 2021, we have striven to help our clients their potential and seen them celebrating their success story. the services we provide offer solution to your technical issues, process related issues and swiftly take you to the top.

Client Focused

You come first and we work together. The main idea is for you to not think you are alone in this. We don’t want you bothering about consuming tasks of vetting carriers, comparing prices and negotiating terms of service.

Technology LED

We focus on technology the most as it’s an innate part of our industry and that’s how we always stay ahead of the curve. We offer cutting edge features to our services. Being technology led, makes things quicker, easier and convenient.